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An ounce of prevention…

  • Sealants – many insurances cover sealants on children 100%. Why? Because they do such a great job of reducing cavities and therefore reducing what they have to pay out on fillings. Put that research and intelligence to use for your children and help them use sealants to avoid future decay
  • Onlays – silver fillings expand 200% more than natural tooth structure does with hot food and drink. Over time this causes the teeth to break down and fracture. These fractures can create the need for teeth to get root canals, periodontal surgeries and sometimes even tooth removal. Avoid these negative results of silver fillings and replace that metal with strong, white porecelain
  • Laser cavity detection – why wait for the cavity to get so big it can be seen on an xray or start to hurt when you can use the advanced technology of a laser cavity detector to find the cavity when it is small. We can even remove many of these cavities without needles or numbing if we catch them before they get deep into dentin where the nerves are
  • Cancer screening – we screen ALL patients at EVERY checkup for all types of oral cancers
  • Regular cleanings – avoid gum disease or bone loss by staying on top of your cleanings and not allowing the bacteria in your mouth that causes gum disease and bone loss to get out of control
  • Digital Xrays – digital xrays have 90% less radiation than regular xrays. We make sure we use technology to enhance your health. We can use these films to check for cavities, but also various diseases and cancers of the bone and tissues of the head and neck

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An ounce of prevention… Sealants – many insurances cover s...

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